6 Unique Beaches in Aruba to Discover (+ Visiting Tips!)

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Aruba is best known for its breathtaking beaches, each with its unique charm and allure.

As you step onto the shores of this island paradise, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of unparalleled beauty, where the warm embrace of the sun, the lull of the waves, and the vibrant hues of the ocean create an irresistible tapestry of natural wonders.

Whether you want to lounge around and soak in the views of the amazing clear, blue water, snorkel with sea turtles and vibrant fish, or be close to shops and restaurants, there’s a beach for everyone on One Happy Island.

Each beach in Aruba is unique – so hop in your car and explore! These unique beaches in Aruba are the ones we loved most!

unique beaches aruba

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6 Best Beaches in Aruba Worth Visiting

Explore the captivating beaches in Aruba, a destination that seamlessly blends relaxation and adventure. From the lively shores teeming with water sports enthusiasts to the secluded coves perfect for a romantic sunset stroll, Aruba offers a diverse range of beach experiences for every type of traveller. 

So, slip into your flip-flops, feel the soft sand beneath your feet, and uncover the secrets and stories behind the idyllic beaches that make Aruba a fantastic beach destination in the Caribbean!

1. Baby Beach

Baby Beach is one of those beaches in Aruba that have to be seen. The azure-blue calm shallow water is stunning and perfect for families. Since it’s the furthest beach from Oranjestad (about 25 minutes) it’s less-frequented and quieter. 

You can rent cabanas and loungers and enjoy the amenities offered by Big Mama’s or Rum Reef Bar. The water is so shallow you can walk out 100 feet and still have the water at your waist, which makes Baby Beach more visited by families with young children. 

Baby Beach Aruba
Baby Beach

2. Arashi Beach

We had so much fun at Arashi Beach. We set up our chairs and umbrella right at the edge of the beach with unobstructed views. We spent most of the morning watching pelicans dive bomb for fish.

The water is clear and while there were pretty good-sized waves, it’s very family-friendly with lots of snorkellers and people on floaties. There are some rocks near the shore – not enough for us to warrant wearing water shoes, but something to consider. 

You’ll find a snack shack at Arashi beach offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, food and snacks, plus washrooms. You can also rent beach chairs and umbrellas here. There is plenty of parking. It’s also a popular spot for those seeking water activities, like parasailing and paddleboarding.

Arashi Beach Aruba
Arashi Beach

3. Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach not only has the widest beach in Aruba, but it’s also voted the third best beach in the world! WIth powdery-soft white sand and sparkling blue water and spectacular views of the sunset, Eagle Beach has plenty to offer. This beach in Aruba is also famous for its two Fofoti trees.

Eagle Beach Fofoti Trees
One of the two Fofoti trees on Eagle Beach

Since there’s such a large stretch of beach, there’s plenty of parking options, places to dine, and washroom facilities.

Eagle Beach is one of the most popular beaches to watch the sunset, and for good reason! There is plenty of parking and enough space for everyone to gather with unobstructed views of the setting sun.

best beaches in aruba
Eagle Beach at sunset

4. Tres Trapi

If you want to get up close and personal with sea turtles, head to Tres Trapi. Located a short distance from Palm Beach, Tres Trapi is one of the best-known locations in Aruba to snorkel with sea turtles (for free!).

While there isn’t a beach to lounge on here, there are rocky areas to put your beach chairs overlooking the azure-blue waters. Stairs into the water are carved into the rocks making for easy access.

There is plenty of parking but keep in mind there aren’t any amenities here.

tres trapi aruba
Tres Trapi

5. Palm Beach

Palm Beach definitely has its appeal! Located along the high rise strip, this beach is within walking distance to not only the resorts and hotels, but a multitude of shops and dining options.

You don’t have to go far to try a different restaurant every day or shop to your heart’s content. This beach in Aruba is best known for where all the action is, and with a short driving distance to downtown Oranjestad (and anywhere, really!) it certainly draws the crowds. 

If you’re not staying in Palm Beach, we did notice there is limited parking (for free, at least).

palm beach aruba
Palm Beach

6. Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto is one of the most unique beaches in Aruba. Nestled amongst a mangrove, this beautiful beach provides ample shade and free palapas, if you get there early enough!

While it’s more off the beaten-path, Mangel Halto offers lots of free parking along the street and by the restaurant, and plenty of tucked-away spots to spend the day. 

mangel halto beach aruba
Mangel Halto

There are a few spots with stairs leading into the water, swings, and a platform to jump off of. It’s great for snorkelling and for picking a beach quieter than more popular areas like Eagle Beach.

mangel halto aruba
Stairs leading into the ocean

Tip for visiting beaches in Aruba

Ready to head to the beach? Here are the top things we learned while visiting these amazing beaches of Aruba.

1. Arrive early

Plan to arrive early (by 10:00 am) for a great spot on the beach. We found that the beaches typically tended to get busy around midday. We always enjoyed getting there around 9:00 am and having a few quiet hours to ourselves and leaving when the sun was at its highest. 

Of course, if you want a leisurely morning having breakfast and enjoying some other activities Aruba has to offer, by all means, the world is your oyster! You may not have unobstructed views of the water – but you’re in paradise – does it really matter?

baby beach aruba

2. Bring reef-safe sunscreen

Be sure to bring (and apply!) your sunscreen: the sun is not playing around! With the gentle Arubian breeze, you can’t tell you’re getting burnt until it’s too late (I speak from experience!).

Aruba banned non-coral reef friendly sunscreens in 2020. While you may not be searched upon leaving the airport (some people have attested to the fact they have, and have lost their sunscreen), it’s best to bring sunscreen that is reef friendly.

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3. Keep valuables out of sight

Don’t leave valuables in plain sight when you park at the beach. It’s uncommon for break-ins to happen, but keep your belongings secure. Leave anything of value at your accommodations or in your trunk, out of sight.

Note: We never once felt like our belongings were at risk on the beach or in the car, but use common sense and keep anything of value out of sight!

eagle beach sunset aruba
Sunset on Eagle Beach

4. Consider renting beach chairs and an umbrella

One of the best decisions we made on this trip to Aruba was renting our beach chairs and umbrella. While our Airbnb provided beach chairs, they weren’t the best quality. We rented two high boy Tommy Bahama beach chairs and an amazing Beach Bub umbrella from Travel Light Aruba

This company provides items like beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, baby strollers, and so much more! We upgraded to the beachBUB umbrella which was such a genius design, plus our two beach chairs for $80 USD/week. 

While it may sound like a lot, you’re looking at paying $35 for an umbrella and $10 for a beach lounger, per day, per beach. Baby Beach rented beach tents for $60 USD/day!!!

Renting your chairs and umbrella pays for itself if you’re planning to spend a few days at the beach. Plus, Travel Light Aruba will drop off and pick up at your location, making it super easy!

Be sure to download Whatsapp, since that is their method of communication!

travel light aruba
Our two beach chairs and umbrella, rented from Travel Light Aruba!

5. Pack a cooler

Packing a cooler is a great idea – so if you’re renting your own place, see if your accommodations provide one. Otherwise I would highly suggest renting from Travel Light Aruba. You can purchase drinks and snacks for much cheaper than at a beach shack! 

It was so easy just stocking up our cooler and throwing it in the car and carrying it to the beach – we were set for the day! Just for an example, we’d visit a bakery to pick up some pastechi and went to our local convenience store or supermarket to pick up some beer. 

All the beaches are public – and you’re able to drink on them. So you may as well take advantage of the freedom! We purchased drinks some days which ranged from $6-$12 each.

chill balashi aruba
Enjoying a local beer on the beach!

6. Be sure to catch the sunset (at least once!)

One of our favourite things to do every evening was to head to the beach for sunset. It was heartwarming to see the crowds gather for the evening show of dazzling light over the water.

We found ourselves at Eagle Beach every night, since that was the closest beach from our accommodations. The sunsets in Aruba are spectacular – be sure to catch one at least once!

sunset in aruba

7. If you want, bring water shoes and floaties!

While some beaches in Aruba really didn’t need water shoes, there are some rocky areas of Arashi Beach, Mangel Halto, and Tres Trapi, where the rough sand and shells can hurt to step on or cut your feet. Water shoes barely take up any space in your luggage and they’re lightweight, so it doesn’t hurt to have them in case you want them!

We also saw plenty of people using floaties in the ocean. We brought pool floats from Amazon and they’re perfectly portable and easy to inflate. 

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best beaches in aruba
best beaches aruba

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