How To Say “I Love You” In Different Languages

Saying “I love you” in any language is a big deal – and expressing that love transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. Throughout the years, and our existence as human beings, the one constant that remains is the ability to love.

Three little words have such a big impact – let’s find out how to say “I love you” in the most spoken languages in the world.

how to say I love you in another language

We use “love” in English to convey feelings for anything from family, friends and lovers to a piece of pizza. In other languages, saying “I love you” is a bit more specific in how it’s expressed.

Did you know there are over 7000 languages spoken in the world today, and just 23 cover more than half of the world’s population?

I’m lucky to know and speak four of them – but I wish I could speak any language fluently!

Here is how to say I love you in the top 10 most spoken languages – and a few extras!

different language how to say I love you
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How to say “I love you” in the world’s most spoken languages

1. English: I love you
Pronounced: i-luv-you
(1.132 billion speakers)

2. Mandarin: Wo ai ni
Pronounced: wo-i-nee
(1.117 billion speakers)

3. Hindi: Main tumse pyar karta/i hoon
Pronounced: me-an-say-pe-ar-kara/i-hoon
(615 million speakers)

4. Spanish: Te amo
Pronounced: tay-amo
(534 million speakers)

5. French: Je t’aime
Pronounced: je-tem(280 million speakers)

6. Arabic: Uhibbuk
Pronounced: oo-heh-boo-kee
(274 million speakers)

7. Bengali: Ami tomake bhalobashi
Pronounced: amee-tomah-kay-balo-ba-she
(265 million speakers)

8. Russian: Ya tebya liubliu
Pronounced: ya-teb-ya-loo-bloo
(258 million speakers)

9. Portuguese: Amo-te
Pronounced: amo-tay
(234 million speakers)

10. Indonesian: Saya cinta kamu
Pronounced: saya-shinta-ka-moo
(199 million speakers)

how to say I love you in a different language
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How to say I love you in different langauges

Inuit: Nagligivagit
Pronounced: na-glee-giv-a-git

Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief
Pronounced: ek-ey-jo-lif

Scottish (Gaelic): Tha gaol agam ort
Pronounced: a-gare-lakam-orst

German: Ich liebe dich
Pronounced: isch-leeba-disch

Korean: Sarang hae
Pronounced: sa-rang-hey

Greek: S’agapo
Pronounced: say-aga-po

Hawaiian: Aloha wau ia’oe
Pronounced: alo-ha-vow-ee-ah-oh-way

Japanese: Daisuki da
Pronounced: dye-ski-dah
*Note: Ai shiteru is the literal translation to “I love you” but it is rarely spoken. Japanese culture dictates that love should be expressed through actions and gestures rather than verbally through words.

different ways to say I love you
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Irish (Gaelic): Gráim thú
Pronounced: gr-ow-am-hoo

Dutch: Ik hou van jou
Pronounced: ik-how-von-yoo

Thai: Phom rak khun
Pronounced: pom-lak-koon

Italian: Ti amo
Pronounced: tee-amo 

Vietnamese: Anh yêu em
Pronounced: ah-noo-em

Hebrew: Ani ohev otach
Pronounced: ani-oh-hev-oh-tak

Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua
Pronounced: me-neh-raka-stan-see-no-wa

Welsh: Rwy’n dy garu di
Pronounced: roo-en-de-gary-dee

Swedish: Jag älskar dig
Pronounced: ya-elsker-day

Hungarian: Szeretlek
Pronounced: se-ret-lek

Icelandic: ég elska þig 
Pronounced: yeg-ee-elska-pig

Polish: Kocham cię
Pronounced: kok-em-chay-oh

Turkish: Seni seviyorum
Pronounced: say-nyee-say-vee-yor-um

Norwegian: Jeg elsker deg
Pronounced: ye-elsker-dye

Serbian: Volim te
Pronounced: vo-lim-tay

Czech: Miluji tě
Pronounced: me-loo-see-chay

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I love you in different languages
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