10 Best Places to Eat in Tulum in 2024

Tulum is certainly a food-lovers paradise. In Tulum, Mexico’s most trendy beach destination, you’ll find all types of cuisine.

From traditional Mayan Yucatan food to trendy Mediterranean restaurants, Tulum has something that suits every type of flavour and budget. 

Let’s check out the best places to eat in Tulum!

best places to eat in tulum

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10 Best Places to Eat in Tulum in 2024

Whether you’re looking for street food or elaborate fine dining, you’ll find all of that in Tulum!

1. Taqueria Honorio – Authentic Mayan Food

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $ I Type: Mexican

Taqueria Honorio is a famous destination in Tulum for international foodies as it’s one of the only restaurants in Tulum that solely focuses on regional Yucatani cuisine, with recipes that hearken back to the Mayan civilization.

Instead of burritos and chilaquiles, there are only tacos, tortas, and quesadillas. 

Local favorites are Cochinita Piblil, slow-roasted pork stew, and Relleno Negro, roasted turkey with black sauce. 

Taqueria Honorio also has a world-famous Lechon, or slow-roasted pork, which has appeared on many food vlogs hailing the location. 

If you wish to eat like a Yucatan, you have to do as the locals do and have your tacos for breakfast.

Part of the appeal of Taqueria Honorio is that it’s not particularly easy to visit. Opening at 6:30 am, closing at 3 PM, and completely closed on Tuesdays, it still manages to always have a line out the door. 

2. Botanica Garden Cafe – Beautiful Outdoor Cafe

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $$ I Type: Mexican 

Botanica Garden Cafe is the best brunch spot in Tulum. Featuring an Instagram-able open-air garden, and endlessly popular avocado toast, it’s a Millenial’s paradise. 

Botanica Garden Cafe has high-end international fare, with all dishes trendily presented on a wooden board. 

If you visit at certain times there will be live music in the courtyard garden, and occasionally art classes are held there. 

3. El Taquerio Crucero – Budget Street Eats (Local Spot!)

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $ I Type: Mexican

On the corner of Highway 307 and Avenida Coba, which are the two main streets in Tulum, you’ll see locals lining up for taco stalls in front of the Super Aki grocery store. 

If you’re looking for cheap eats in Tulum, or just want to sample the local flavours, this is your stop. These food stalls might look understated, but they’re one of the best places in town for authentic Mexican food. 

On different days different taco stalls will set up shop, El Taquerio Crucero is known for having its own meat smoker. 

Ordering here is easy, but it’s best to know a little bit of Spanish.

4. Burrito Amor – Iconic Mexican Food Restaurant

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $$ I Type: Mexican

Burrito Amor is a trendy and Instagram-able Tulum institution that makes XL burritos served in a gorgeous tropical cafe. 

Committed to sustainability, all Burrito Amore burritos come wrapped in plantain leaves rather than the typical tin foil you’ll receive at chain restaurants like Chipotle. 

For those health and eco-minded, Burrito Amor also is known for its vegetarian and vegan options. 

5. Panna e Cioccolato – Best Ice Cream Shop in Town! 

📍 Location: Tulum Centro & Beach I 💰 Price Point: $ I Type: Ice Cream

Panna e Cioccolato is one of many gelaterias in Tulum, serving up fresh gelato in Italian and tropical-inspired flavours. It’s well worth a stop after a day exploring Tulum under the Mayan sun. 

Painted bright colors with its famous monkey mascot out in front, you won’t be able to miss Panna e Cioccolato on Tulum’s main street. 

6. Matcha Mama – Trendy & Instagrammable Matcha Cafe

📍 Location: Tulum Centro, Aldea Zama, & Beach I 💰 Price Point: $ I Type: International

Known for beautiful smoothie bowls and matcha lattes, Matcha Mama is a Tulum institution with three outposts in town, one in Tulum Centro, the Aldea Zama Region, and the Hotel Zone.

Featuring swingsets out in front and an aesthetic all-white and pink design, Matcha Mama is a great casual eatery that specializes in all things Matcha Flavoured. 

7. La Negra Tomasa – High-End Seafood Restaurant 

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $$ I Type: Mexican

La Negra Tomasa is one of the best trendy date night spots in Tulum Centro. Featuring an ultra-instagrammable pink lofted cafe, live music in the evenings, trendy cocktails, and some of the best fresh ceviche in Tulum, it’s no wonder why this spot is so popular! 

La Negra Tomasa’s most famous dish is their La Torresona, a foot-high ceviche tower made from fresh shrimp, tuna, avocado, and cucumbers. 

8. Palma Central – Food Truck Smorgasborg 

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $ I Type: All Types

Palma Central is perfect for groups with picky eaters, kids, and people who want to try a little bit of everything. 

Tucked away off of Tulum’s main street in the Centro region, Palma Central is a smorgasbord of food truck outposts for all the popular eateries in Tulum. 

Come with cash, as many of the food stalls don’t accept cards, and enjoy trying a little bit of all the flavours Tulum has to offer. 

Bonus, some great pop-up shops in Palma Central sell trendy Tulum-style beachwear and accessories. 

For kids, there’s a small playground area. 

9. Pasha Downtown – Upscale Eastern Fare 

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $$ I Type: Turkish Food

Pasha is another trendy and Instagrammable institution in Tulum Centro that serves up Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. 

Lounging on cushions at Pasha and enjoying an Aperol Spritz with a mezze platter is a great way to spend an afternoon out with friends in town. 

10. Casa Malca – Beach Front Restaurant and Beach Club With Historic Location 

📍 Location: Beach Zone I 💰 Price Point: $$$ I Type: International 

Casa Malca is one of the nicest, and most expensive, spots in Tulum. 

Famous for being housed in a renovated palace that formerly belonged to Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca is now a high-end hotel, beach club, modern art gallery, and restaurant. 

You won’t want to miss this iconic venue, it is a luxurious location, but entirely deserving of a spot on any Tulum itinerary. 

👉 Tip! Since Casa Malca charges minimum spend and entry, it’s best to come early in the day and enjoy their beach club services to meet the cost for entry.

11. Ki’bok Coffee Tulum 

📍 Location: Tulum Centro I 💰 Price Point: $ I Type: Mexican & Coffeehouse 

Ki’bok Coffee is one of the best independent coffee shops in Tulum. The perfect spot for remote workers to get some work done while sipping exquisite brew, or for a bougie brunch out, Ki’bok is a great place to stop by on your trip to Tulum. 

Ki-bok Coffee is known for its chilaquile dishes – Both chilaquile rojo and verde come beautifully plated with Mexican crema and a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg. 

How to Get Around in Tulum

It’s important to know that Tulum, while a small village, has two distinct areas, the Beach Zone and Tulum Centro. 

The Beach Zone, also known as the Hotel Zone, is the area lining the beachfront region of town. It’s located around a 10-20 minute drive, depending on the traffic, from Tulum Centro. 

Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Tulum due to the taxi drivers acting as a mafia to push ride-hailing apps out of popular tourist zones. 

This practice is common all over Mexico in other tourist locations like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas

The result is that taxi cabs in Tulum are extremely expensive, there are even rumors that taxi drivers there make more than doctors! 

Instead of using taxis or Uber, you can drive yourself around Tulum via a motorized scooter, similar to a Vespa, or bicycle. 

Keep in mind that these are difficult to drive if you do not already know how to drive a scooter, and it’s recommended to either befriend someone who does know how to drive or arrange transport ahead of time so you’re not at the mercy of the taxi drivers. 

Tips for Dining in Tulum 

✅ Generally, the restaurants in Tulum Centro are considered to be of higher quality than those lining the beach area. 

✅ Restaurants in the Beach Zone might charge minimum spending amounts, especially if they have a great ocean view. 

✅ Try the Yucatani food – While Tulum has plenty of restaurants featuring internationally famous Mexican cuisine, Taquierio Honario in Tulum Centro is one of the few top Taquerias that focuses on regional fare. 

Ordering Food for Delivery in Tulum

There’s no Uber or Uber Eats in Tulum, instead, you can use Tomato.MX to order food online. It works with all the local restaurants like Burrito Amor and Pasha, and delivery only costs around a dollar. 

Best Restaurants in Tulum

Tulum is a tourist magnet with tons of high-end cafes, restaurants, beach clubs, and wonderful ice cream shops. It’s basically a foodie’s paradise. 

Just to recap, the overall best lunch spot in Tulum is Burrito Amore, located in Tulum Centro. 

If you’re seeking something more upscale, then La Negra Tomasa is a great Instagrammable spot also located in Tulum Centro, it’s famous for its ceviche seafood towers. 

Along the beach zone in Tulum, you can’t go wrong with booking a reservation at Casa Malca, the historic hotel and beach club that once belonged to Pablo Escobar. 

If you’re looking to sample the local flavours, Taqueria Honorio is a world-famous restaurant that only serves traditional Yucatan food. Keep in mind that this restaurant is only open from 6 AM – 3 PM. 

Another amazing place to get some local eats is at the taco stalls that are set up in front of the Super Aki on the main road in Tulum Centro. Every day you will see tourists, police officers, and all manner of Tulum residents lining up for some freshly cooked tacos at unbeatable prices. 

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