Adorable Wedding Cake Toppers for your Big Day

Looking for the perfect wedding cake topper for your big day?

Adding a cake topper to your wedding cake allows you to add your own personality and style to your cake. The traditional cake cutting is such a photo-worthy moment that has withstood the test of time.

There are endless options for cake topper choices, so if you’re on the hunt for the perfect one, whether it’s personalized, monogrammed, affordable, or themed to your liking, you’ll be bound to find the one that suits your style!

personalized wedding cake toppers

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Do I need a wedding cake topper?

No! You absolutely do not need one. I think they’re a fun addition to cakes, but wedding cakes are beautiful on their own. You can also ask to have some flowers to be placed on your cake instead of a topper, or have some sugar flowers decorating your wedding cake.

Wedding cake toppers do not have to be expensive! I decided two weeks before we left for our destination wedding that I wanted one. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $4 and hot glued toothpicks into the back. Yep. I was a budget bride. In the end it didn’t matter anyway since I don’t think anyone even looked at the cake. 😂 

Michaels is another great alternative to find wedding cake toppers on a budget.

We also did not have a wedding reception or a photographer after the ceremony, so the photos of the cake didn’t really matter to me, either. But if photos are important and you want to have your cake table as a focal point for your wedding, it doesn’t hurt to draw attention to it – and it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny, either!

How do I transport my cake topper?

Many cake toppers are fragile, which means they’ll need a little extra care if you’re travelling. For destination weddings, I would recommend packing it flat in something sturdy (if it’s a flat cake topper). I brought mine down in a file folder within a thick binder to prevent any crushing.

If your cake topper has some shape to it, be sure to pad it with tissue paper or bubble wrap, and inside a box if your luggage space allows for it. If it’s really fragile, consider bringing it with you in your carry-on!

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Let’s take a look at some wedding cake toppers, ranging from inexpensive ones, custom ones, beach-themed toppers and more!

Mrs and Mrs Cake Topper

Find it on Amazon!

JIEEIN Mr and Mrs Cake Topper, Bride and Groom Sign Wedding, Engagement Cake Toppers Decorations, Double-faced Gold Glitter
  • Ideal cake decorations for mr and mrs, bride and groom sign wedding, engagement party.
  • Material & Color: Premium double-faced gold glittery cardstock.
  • Size: Approx 7.3 ( L ) x 6.7 ( H ) inches, perfect for 6.0 inches or larger cake.

Our Adventure Begins Cake Topper

Vendor: HappyPartyDecor

Rustic Love Cake Topper 

Find it on Amazon!

Vintage Cake Topper

Vendor: ThistleAndLaceDesign

Our Greatest Adventure Cake Topper

Vendor: CakeTopperBliss

Cute Beach Themed Wedding Cake Topper

Vendor: BirchBarAndCo

Custom Tropical Wedding Cake Topper

Vendor: CakeToppersByNadia

Happily Ever After Cake Topper

Vendor: TheDuoStudio

Custom Mr & Mrs Cake Topper

Vendor: AlwaysForForever

Silhouette Cake Topper (with pets!)

Vendor: designLeeStudio

Simple Script Custom Cake Topper

Vendor: MintToBeUs

Custom Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Vendor: ThistleAndLaceDesign

Wedding Cake Topper with Family

Vendor: MyWeddingFavorShop

Custom Bobblehead Wedding Topper

Vendor: Hellominime

Initials Monogram Wedding Topper

Vendor: MadeinMana

Custom Initials and Wedding Date Cake Topper

Vendor: SugarCrushCo

Custom Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper with Initials

Vendor: Plasticsmith

What can I do with my cake topper after my wedding?

Lots of brides reuse their cake toppers! You can add it to a bouquet of silk flowers in your home, frame it, or create a shadow box full of wedding mementos!

If you’ve come up with your own creative way to reuse your wedding cake topper, let me know in the comments below!

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