Where to Go Cherry Picking in Niagara

It’s the sweetest time of year here in Niagara! Cherry picking is a fun family activity and one of the best ways to experience what the Niagara Region has to offer.

There’s no better way to reap the rewards of prime fruit season than to earn it yourself. With thousands of cherry trees here in Niagara, there is no shortage of places to go to do just that!

Ready to go cherry picking? Here’s your list of farms available to visit in the Niagara Region!

cherry picking in niagara

Pricing was accurate at time of original publication. Please reach out to the farms prior to visiting if you have questions about pricing!

Cherry picking in Niagara

Please call ahead to the farm prior to arriving for picking status. There may be different rules or booking procedures. Some farms may require e-transfer instead of cash, so be prepared for that too!

Please be respectful while on property. Many of these farms, as you’ll see, are family owned. Be gentle with the trees, since many have been damaged in the past by visitors climbing on them.

Plenty of these properties offer ladders throughout the orchards. Please familiarize yourself with ladder safety, especially with young children, prior to visiting.

When are Cherries ready in Niagara?

Cherries are generally ready in late June – mid July and can last through to the end of July , weather depending!

How long is cherry picking season?

Cherries have a very short season – just 4 to 5 weeks. The PYO cherry season can be lessened by weather conditions, especially rain, when the fruit is present. Be sure to take advantage of the prime picking season while it lasts!

How much does it cost to go cherry picking?

Cherries range in price from farm to farm. Some of our local Niagara farms will have an admission fee in place, and others will charge a a few dollars for the basket which you can keep.

Pre-picked prices range from $15-$30 for sour cherries and $20-$35 for sweet cherries, depending on the size pail you select.

Pick-your-own will be less, since you’re the one doing the labour!

If you’re looking for an awesome cherry pitting tool, we bought this cherry pitter that pits up to 6 cherries at a time. It saved us a lot of time and was only a couple dollars more than a single cherry pitter. Definitely worth it!

PYO cherries niagara
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Where can you pick cherries in Niagara?

Cherry Picking in Grimsby

Two Century Farm

This fruit farm has been growing and selling fruit for seven generations! Pick-your-own Sweet and sour cherries available.

Psst. Come back in late July for PYO peaches!

Address: 400 Main St W., Grimsby

Follow updates for Two Century Farm on Facebook.

Cherry Picking in Lincoln

Hildreth Farms

Hildreth Farms is well-known throughout the community for their amazing farm stand (which I drive by every day!) with freshly picked produce, pies, flowers and more! They’ve been in Niagara for four generations.

Offering PYO cherries (and strawberries!), they do not offer an admission fee, as as of 2022 they offered two different sizes of baskets: 4 litres for $18 or 7 litres for $25.

Address: 5529 Greenlane Ave, Beamsville
Phone: 905-563-4423

Vanderburgh Farms

I’m currently waiting to find out if they’ll be offering this again in 2024.

Address: 5511 Greenlane Ave., Beamsville

Cherry Avenue Farms

Cherry Avenue Farms has been family owned and operated since 1799!

Visitors are encouraged to call and listen to their voicemail prior to coming to the farm, for updates on picking conditions and any restrictions.

Also offers: PYO apricots, plums, peaches, and pears!

Address: 4303 Cherry Avenue, Vineland
Phone: 905-562-5481

20 Valley Harvest Farms

Offering pick-your-own sweet and sour cherries on over 1000 trees on this family-owned farm!

Did you know…you can sign up for their newsletter and find out when 20 Valley Harvest Farms open each year and save 10%! 

Sweet cherry and sour cherry pricing ranges from:

  • 7L – $48
  • 4L – $37.25
  • 3L – $27.50

If you have a newsletter subscription, cherry pricing is:

  • 7L – $43
  • 4L – $33.50
  • 3L – $24.75

Niagara Region Locals and Indigenous Persons Save 15%* off regular price PYO with Photo ID and newsletter subscription.

Address: 4235 Fifteenth St., Jordan Station
Phone: 905-562-5272

cherry orchards in niagara
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Cherry Picking near Niagara Falls

Metler Cherry Farm

Lesser known but with rave reviews of friendly owners is Metler Cherry Farm!

This farm is just down the street from the Comfort Maple, so be sure to stop by for a visit there, too!

Address: 359 Metler Rd., Ridgeville
Phone: 905-341-0086

Mathias Farms

Mathias Farms is a third generation family run fruit farm offering much more than just cherries! Bringing your own basket is encouraged, but not required.

Visit for sweet and sour cherries along with raspberries, blackberries, currants and more. There is also a variety of homemade jams to purchase at their fruit stand.

Debit and cash accepted.

Address: 1909 Effingham St., Ridgeville
Phone: 905-892-6166

Duffin Farms

Stop by this quieter farm for PYO cherries, and later in the year for other seasonal fruit like peaches, apples, pears, and pumpkins!

Cash only (as of last year’s season).

Address: 1541 Rice Rd., Welland
Phone: 905-892-5387

Weiland Orchard

Serving Fonthill and the surrounding area for over 50 years! There are a few sweet cherry varieties here to pick from at Weiland Orchard, from the end of June through the end of July. They’re open daily from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm during prime cherry season.

Address: 1625 Haist St., Fonthill
Phone: 905-892-3744

Cherry Picking in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Parkway Orchards

Parkway Orchards is well known in the Niagara community for having an abundance of PYO fruit available, from cherries, plums, peaches, apples, grapes, and nectarines.

Stop in their store from baked goods, sandwiches, jams and much more.

Address: 15000 Niagara Parkway, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Phone: 905-262-5097

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Some PYO cherry farms just outside of Niagara…

The Niagara Region has a ton of awesome places to pick cherries, but if you’re looking for some others close by outside of the region you’re spoiled for choice, too!

Puddicombe Farms

Would you believe Puddicombe Farms has been harvesting its own fruit for over 210 years? This estate farm is an amazing place to visit to come and experience the countryside.

In addition to offering PYO cherries, they’re also their own winery, farm market, and country store!

Puddicombe Farms is your one stop shop for all things PYO. Visit in July-August for cherries, and in the fall for apples, pears and pumpkins!

Address: 1468 Highway 8, Stoney Creek
Phone: 905-643-1015

Sun Valley Farms, Stoney Creek

Sun Valley Farms is the closest cherry orchard to the GTA! It’s another family-owned farm (since 1955!) and is known for being an easy-picking orchard, since the trees are grown on a full-dwarf rootstock.

Pricing for cherries (baskets are provided):

  • 6 qt – $40
  • 4 L – $30
  • 3 L – $25

Washroom facilities are available, parking is free, and there is no admission fee!

Address: 1186 Highway 8, Stoney Creek
Phone: 289-237-3893

Fratric Orchard

Yet another well-loved family owned farm! Fratric Orchard is known to be very friendly and have great prices.

Address: 162 Cokers Ln, Stoney Creek
Phone: 905-643-3135

Bridgmans’ Farm

This 200 year old family farm is open 8 am – 8 pm daily during cherry season!

Baskets are supplied, ranging from 3 litres to 7 litres, and are included in the price. You also have the option to bring your own basket and receive a small credit.

Address: 20 Bridgman Ln, Stoney Creek
Phone: 905-643-1506

Cherry Picking Tips

  • The darker the cherry, the sweeter it will be.
  • Leave stems on sweet cherries. They’ll keep longer when the stems are attached.
  • If the cherry is ripe, it will easily come off the tree in your hand, with the stem attached.
  • Avoid placing picked cherries in direct sunlight – opt for a shady spot under the tree.
  • Cool them as soon as you can by putting them in the fridge. They’ll store best here for a couple of days if you’re eating them immediately, but don’t wash them until you’re ready to use them!

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