Everything You Need to Know About the Niagara Falls Fireworks!

If you’re looking for a memorable way to end your day in the Niagara Region, you have to see the fireworks in Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls is home to Canada’s longest running fireworks series, which runs this year May 17th – October 7th, and on special evenings during the annual Winter Festival of Lights. This incredible display of fireworks against the American and Horseshoe Falls is spectacular; the Falls Fireworks Series has over 100 fireworks displays annually!

Firework displays are so mesmerizing – blink and you’ll miss them! And if you’ve never experienced them, it’s even better with Niagara Falls in the background, especially with their nightly illumination!

niagara falls fireworks

There are few sights that compare to watching the dazzling display of colours, lights, pyrotechnics, and sounds of fireworks exploding over Niagara Falls.

Fortunately, there are fireworks in Niagara Falls every single night all summer long, giving you plenty of opportunities to experience this awesome fireworks series. 

Plus, if you visit Niagara Falls during the winter, you may even be able to time your visit with the Winter Festival of Lights and catch the special holiday fireworks shows!

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Falls Fireworks Series

Mark your calendars during the summer months to come experience this incredible free thing to do in Niagara Falls.

With lots of great vantage points to pick from, this is a great activity for families, couples, and those seeking great views of fireworks lighting up the night sky!

I hope this list of FAQs helps you plan your trip to Niagara Falls! Watching the fireworks go off is the perfect way to end the day exploring one of Canada’s best natural wonders.

Best Spots to Watch the Fireworks in Niagara Falls

Wondering where to get the best views of the fireworks in Niagara Falls? Fortunately, they can be viewed from a variety of locations! 

The nightly fireworks are set off from within the Niagara Gorge, between the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls.

Queen Victoria Park: Closest Views of the Fireworks

My favourite spot to watch the fireworks is from Queen Victoria Park, especially on warm summer nights.

In fact, right by Queen Victoria Park and the promenade directly across from it provide the best views of the fireworks, since they’re set off right below that spot in the gorge!

On summer evenings you can relax on the grass for clear views over to the American and Horseshoe Falls. There are a lots of space for everyone, so grab a blanket and come enjoy the night sky!

You’ll likely find the crowds here (since it is the best spot!) so plan to arrive a bit early if you want a spot with a nice view of the sky.

See the Niagara Falls Fireworks from the Table Rock Welcome Centre

The Table Rock Welcome Centre and the Table Rock House Restaurant is overlooking the falls. It’s a fantastic place to dine at during the day and during the evening, but at night you can step out to the Table Rock Grand Hall and have amazing views for the Niagara Falls fireworks!

In fact, it’s the closest you can watch to the Horseshoe Falls! Their hours make it difficult to dine with a view (closing hours during the summer vary between 9:00 and 9:30), but if you step just outside into the main pedestrian Grand Hall, there are large windows overlooking the Horseshoe and American Falls!

Journey Behind the Falls: a Unique Spot to See the Fireworks!

On summer evenings, past closing, you can stand at the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls for up close and personal views of the Niagara Falls fireworks at Journey Behind the Falls!

This exclusive after-hours experience called Night Lights allows you prime views of the Niagara Falls Illumination and the fireworks, creating a memorable evening for all!

Along the Falls Promenade: Best Vantage Point of the Fireworks

Anywhere along the walkway along Niagara Falls is bound to get you incredible views of the fireworks! 

You’ll find it busiest right by Queen Victoria Park and Queen Victoria Place Restaurant, but it really does provide the best up-close views of the fireworks.

Queen Victoria Place Restaurant: Dining with Views of Fireworks

One of the best places to dine and get incredible panoramic views of the fireworks is at Queen Victoria Place Restaurant.

Local cuisine paired with jaw-dropping views make this a top choice for those visiting Niagara Falls, especially for the fireworks!

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the summer, Queen Victoria Place Restaurant is open until 11:00 pm, giving you time to enjoy a delicious meal and catch the fireworks over Niagara Falls!

This is one of the most challenging places to see the fireworks because of its popularity. You’ll want to plan ahead and book your reservation ahead of time!

Skylon Tower: Highest spot to see the fireworks in Niagara Falls

Have you seen Niagara Falls from above at the Skylon Tower

As the tallest point in Niagara Falls (the tower is 775 feet tall!), the Skylon Tower provides amazing views of the falls from above!

Whether you’re visiting the observation deck or dining at the Skylon Revolving Restaurant, you can have some of the best views of the fireworks from here.

P.s. Admission to the observation deck and the elevator ride up to the top of the Skylon Tower is always free when you dine at the Skylon Revolving Restaurant!

Niagara SkyWheel: A Fun Way to See the Fireworks

A fun way to watch the fireworks show is from the Niagara SkyWheel! This unique sightseeing experience is one of Canada’s largest ferris wheels. There are 42 climate controlled gondolas that offer panoramic views of the falls, the Niagara River, and various other attractions throughout Niagara Falls.

Try to get on the wheel 5 minutes before 10:00 pm to ensure you get amazing views of the fireworks!

Rainbow Bridge: A Lesser Known Place to Watch the Fireworks

If you want a unique spot to watch the fireworks that not many people consider, then walk onto the Rainbow  Bridge! The Rainbow Bridge straddles the Canada US border and gives you a beautiful vantage point from both the Canadian and American sides of Niagara Falls. This spot in particular makes for an incredible place to view the Niagara Falls fireworks!

You are not required to go through US customs, but you will need your passport to enter back through the gate at Canadian customs.

Note: It costs $1.00 USD or CAD to walk onto the Rainbow Bridge and the turnstile only accepts quarters and $1 coins. There are change machines if needed.

Niagara Falls Fireworks Cruise

One of the most memorable ways to see the Niagara Falls fireworks is by cruising!

The special Falls Fireworks Cruise offers a 40-minute ride to admire Niagara Falls at night, with fireworks exploding over the brink of the Horseshoe and American Falls.

The Falls Fireworks Cruise departs from the Canadian side.

Cozy up and watch the Fireworks from a Fallsview Hotel!

If you’re planning a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls, why not get the full experience and book a hotel room with amazing views of Niagara Falls? 

These awesome hotels have options for fallsview rooms – making them a perfect spot to watch the fireworks!

When do the fireworks in Niagara Falls go off?

The fireworks in Niagara Falls start on Friday, May 17th (2024) and run all the way through to Monday, October 7th (Canadian Thanksgiving). That’s 144 nights of fireworks displays! This gives you endless opportunities to catch a show!

The Summer Fireworks Series in Niagara Falls goes off every night at 10:00 pm.

How do I know if the fireworks are cancelled due to weather?

The fireworks in the falls are dependent on weather. If you are unsure of current weather conditions impacting the nightly fireworks show, you can listen to an automated message by calling 1-877-642-7275 to get updates about fireworks cancellations. 

You can also check the Niagara Parks Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

Are the fireworks free?

The Niagara Falls Fireworks Series is completely free! These unforgettable views and display of lights are one of many amazing free things to do in Niagara Falls

How long are the Niagara Falls fireworks?

The fireworks show lasts between 5 to 10 minutes.

Where do I park for the fireworks?

There are many places to park throughout Niagara Falls to access the fireworks. The closest parking lot would be at Table Rock Centre (lots of parking) or Queen Victoria Place Restaurant (limited parking).

If you are visiting Niagara Falls for a day and are driving around to a few places, I highly recommend purchasing a Niagara Parks Annual Parking Pass.

The parking pass is $40 and is valid until the end of the calendar year. Considering parking at Table Rock is $35/day, the pass basically pays for itself if you visit this parking lot and another place throughout Niagara Falls. This is one of my best money-saving tips for Niagara Falls!

You can purchase it online and have it mailed for free, if you’re planning ahead, or pick it up at the hut at the far end of the Table Rock parking lot, right by the Niagara Falls Incline Railway.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid any late-night congestion in Niagara Falls, you can opt to take the WEGO green line, which runs along the Niagara Parkway. 

If you are staying away from the Fallsview tourist area and up where the hotels are, you can easily take the Falls Incline Railway down to Table Rock Centre. This gives you easy access to some of the best views of the fireworks in Niagara Falls!

How do I get to the fireworks show in Niagara Falls without a car?

Are you visiting from out of town? If you are commuting from Toronto and the GTA, you can take advantage of the Niagara Weekend GO Service!

Your roundtrip ticket also includes WEGO to help you move around Niagara Falls.

If you are visiting from outside of Niagara Falls, this method of getting to the city to watch the fireworks and spend the day or weekend is really  no-brainer!

Passes for the Niagara Weekend GO Service are $25 and includes a 2-day WEGO package. Groups of up to 5 people (max two adults 18+) are $62.50.

This convenient option gets you from Union Station to Niagara Falls without the hassle of sitting in traffic, finding parking, and spending money on gas!

New for 2023 is the FlixBus from Union Station! This roundtrip bus departs from Union Station at 8:00 pm and arrives in Niagara Falls (Livingstone St & Fallsview Blvd) around 9:50 pm. 

The bus departs back to Toronto at 11:50 pm, giving you enough time to take in the fireworks and grab a late night meal or stroll around Niagara Falls! Tickets start at $19.99 per person.

Holiday Fireworks in Niagara Falls

If you miss the fireworks in Niagara Falls during the summer, you can visit during the winter for the Holiday Fireworks!

The fireworks coincide with the Winter Festival of Lights and special nightly Falls Illumination displays, joined by twinkling stars in the winter sky.

Fireworks during the winter start at 8:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and daily fireworks over the Christmas holidays

There are 26 nights of fireworks at the 2023/2024 Winter Festival of Lights!

November: 18th , 24th – 25th at 8:00pm
December: 1st – 2nd, 8th – 9th, 15th – 16th, daily 22nd – 31st at 8:00pm
December 31 (New Year’s Eve) at 12:00am
January: daily from 1st  – 7th at 8:00pm

Niagara Falls is a fantastic place to spend New Year’s Eve (book your accommodation early!) and catch the Fireworks show to ring in the new year!

Recap of Fireworks in Niagara Falls

  • The Niagara Falls Fireworks schedule is from May 17th – October 7, 2023
  • The fireworks are FREE to watch in Niagara Falls!
  • Best spots to see the fireworks include Queen Victoria Park, the Skylon Tower, the Niagara SkyWheel, hotels, and along the Niagara Falls Promenade.
  • The fireworks in Niagara Falls go off nightly at 10:00 pm
  • The firework series lasts 5-10 minutes
  • Closest parking is at Table Rock Centre or Queen Victoria Place Restaurant
  • Easily travel with the Niagara Weekend GO Service for $25 including a 2-day WEGO package

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