7+ Beautiful Spots to see the Sunrise in Niagara

Wondering where the best spot to catch a sunrise in Niagara is?

Nothing beats the morning light cresting over the horizon, the lightshow in the sky, the soft hues and blinding brightness at the break of dawn, and the experience of witnessing the start of a new day.

It’s incredibly calming and the most perfect way to start your day – if you’re willing to get up early!

Viewing the sunrise is a rewarding experience, and it’s not for everyone since you have to work a bit more for it. 

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You have to set an alarm, check the weather, drive (or walk) to the location, and be at your chosen spot, all while sleep is the more convenient (and often more appealing) option.

Looking for some incredible spots to watch the sunrise in Niagara? Here are my top choices!

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Tips for checking the time of sunrise

I always rely on the Weather Network app for an easy check for when the sunrise is. If you’re looking to plan your adventures in advance, you can use Time and Date for a week-long projection.

You’ll want to arrive at least 10 minutes early for the sunrise to make sure you’ll allow enough buffer time to be there on time! I’ve caught myself in some situations a few times running from parking lots to get to the viewing points to make sure I didn’t miss it! Some of the best colours in the sky happen right before sunrise.

Sunrise Spots in Grimsby

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area

Everyone knows the best place to come to see the sunrise in Grimsby is at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area.

With numerous lookout spots, including a metal tower overlooking the escarpment all the way to Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario, you’ll be able to catch a breathtaking sunrise here at any point during the year!

Allow at least 10-15 minutes to get from the parking lot to the lookout spot to be there in time for the sunrise! 

If you’re feeling up to it, you can head down the staircase down to Forty Mile Creek to witness a second sunrise as it peaks over the escarpment!

Stay for the hiking trails, including a wheelchair accessible loop on top of the escarpment. The Bruce Trail runs through here (as the final point to the Niagara section), and you’ll have all kinds of beautiful vantage points for photos. 

When the creek flow is low, you can hike up Forty Mile Creek to Lower Beamer Falls. You can also access Upper Beamer Falls off of Ridge Rd (121 Ridge Rd W). There’s a parking lot and a short hiking trail down to the base of it.

Parking is free, and while the parking lot is often packed during the day, you’ll have no issues finding a spot to park first thing in the morning! There is also shoulder parking on one side of Quarry Rd.

Address: 28 Quarry Rd, Grimsby

beamer memorial conservation area
Beamer Memorial Conservation Area

More places to watch the sunrise in Grimsby

  • Elizabeth St Pumphouse
  • Casablanca Beach

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Where to catch the sunrise in Lincoln

Charles Daley Park

One of the best places to watch the sunrise in Lincoln is at Charles Daley Park. 

It’s especially magical during the colder winter months when the snow and ice is packed along the shoreline and the sky lights up with a pink and purple hue.

There are lots of seating areas and a scenic walk along the beachfront to take (whether it’s summer, spring, fall or winter!).

Address: 1969 N Service Rd, Jordan Station

charles daley park
Charles Daley Park

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Sunrise Spots in St Catharines

Glenridge Quarry Naturalization Site

Without a doubt, the Glenridge Quarry is my favourite place to come to watch the sunrise. Once a limestone quarry, and then a landfill, it offers a high vantage point for ideal sunrise watching conditions!

Of all the places to come to watch the sunrise, I’ve never seen so many colours in the sky as I have here at the Quarry. You’ll want to allow for at least 10 minutes to get to the parking lot up to the top of the hill for a prime viewing location!

The area has since become naturalized and has been recognized as one of Ontario’s first green sites, with recreating an area similar to its original state in order to sustain wildlife and provide habitat for them as well as reducing and reusing natural and recycled materials.

There are a variety of trails with educational plaques here to enjoy that offer a chance for a quick stroll or for longer hikes with access to the Bruce Trail, including a boardwalk on the quarry pond.

Tip: Bundle up, especially during the cooler months! There is no wind barrier on top of the hill, so you’ll be quite exposed to the chilly morning air. 

There is lots of free parking in a large parking lot.

Address: 1860 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines

glenridge quarry
Glenridge Quarry

Port Dalhousie (Lakeside Park)

Port Dalhousie (Lakeside Park) is one of my favourite spots to view the sunrise in Niagara. You have a choice of the beach or two piers to walk down to catch unique views. 

There are a number of benches and picnic tables to choose from if you wish to sit and quietly watch the sun rise over the horizon.

Head to Rozie’s Cafe, Balzac’s Coffee, or Nolaa’s for a bite to eat or coffee afterwards!

Address: 1 Lakeport Rd, St. Catharines

port dalhousie sunrise
Early morning along the pier at Lakeside Park

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Jones Beach

Easily one of the most beautiful beaches around to watch the sunrise, Jones Beach is quieter than some of the other beaches in St Catharines and offers unobstructed views of the sunrise as it crests over the horizon.

Parking is located right by the beach, so you’ll only have to walk for a minute to get to the shoreline for some awesome views. 

If you’re early enough, you can also walk along the George Nicholson Memorial Trail for some other interesting vantage points to catch the sunrise! 

You can make it all the way to the lighthouse, which is also the most northern point in the Niagara Region. 

You’ll want to allow at least 35-40 minutes to reach the lighthouse from the parking lot. 

Jones Beach is a popular spot for birders and dog walkers. There are a lot of private little alcoves along the way if you follow the trail that skirts the bay.

There is a small parking lot plus lots of shoulder parking nearby.

Address: 142 Broadway, St. Catharines

jones beach

Sunrise Spots in Port Colborne

Morgan’s Point Conservation Area

The beach at Morgan’s Point Conservation Are offers a unique perspective for watching a sunrise. 

Lake Erie isn’t usually the best spot to see the sunrise due to the direction of the sunrise, but if you catch it at the right spots, you’ll be able to see stunning colours unlike anything I’ve seen before!

Morgan’s Point has a nice little trail system that goes through the conservation area and includes a boardwalk that takes you down to the beach. During the summertime you’ll see all kinds of fish and birds during the early hours of the morning.

Take a drive into Port Colborne and experience what this charming town has to offer!

Address: 11420 Morgan’s Point Rd, Port Colborne 

morgans point
Morgan’s Point

Where can I see the sunrise in Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls

It shouldn’t be surprising that one of the most beautiful areas to see the sunrise in the Niagara Region is Niagara Falls itself! 

If you time it right and get there early, if you stand by Table Rock right at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls, you’ll witness a stunning sunrise on clear mornings right over the falls!

If you’re planning a stay overnight, the best hotels to see the sunrise in Niagara Falls include:

Sunrise at Horseshoe Falls. Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

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