11 Travel Must-Haves for Destination Wedding Brides

Feeling a bit lost as to what you might need to pack for your destination wedding?

I always joke with brides that as long as they had their passport, dress, and significant other, nothing really else matters! That’s true in some aspects, but obviously things can’t be that simple.

Preparing for your destination wedding is such an exciting time! There’s a lot going on in your mind during the weeks and days leading up to heading to the airport. And if you’re feeling a little unsure of what you really need to bring – don’t worry.

This list of travel essentials for destination weddings is compiled from the thoughts of over 6000 past destination wedding brides; tried-and-true items that brides have said they’ve wished they had or couldn’t have imagined travelling without! 

destination wedding must-haves

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Here are the top travel must-haves for destination wedding brides!

1. Document holder

An organized traveller and bride is a happy bride. I’m the type of person to triple and quadruple check documents before leaving home, and it helps to have everything important organized in one spot.

This includes your passport, boarding documents (if they are paper-issued), transfer information for the airport, hotel reservations, wedding coordinator contact info, etc. You want everything easily accessible and in one easy-to-find spot.

I also bring a form of ID aside from my passport (like my driver’s licence, which is especially important if you’re planning to rent a vehicle), insurance info, and a credit card. RFID protection is important to prevent your information from being stolen electronically.

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2. Garment Bag

Never ever check your wedding dress (unless you’re returning home and you’re less stressed about what’s going to happen to it!). 

Many brides invest in a travel garment bag to protect their wedding dress during travel. Garment bags, like the Wally Bags garment bag, allow you to pack more than just your dress in it! You can pack numerous outfits (including your fiance/es outfits) plus shoes!

Garment bags offer more protection than the bag you will receive from the wedding salon.

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3. Toiletry bag

Don’t be like me. I bring my toiletries in so many random bags it’s such a mess. Having everything organized in one tidy location not only makes your packing easier, but also ensures you don’t forget to bring anything with you.

This number one selling toiletry bag is water-resistant, hangs, is compact, and has numerous different sealed pouches with a chiq design for whatever you may need to bring!

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4. Portable steamer

Even if your wedding package includes steaming of your dress (ask your wedding coordinator!), a portable steamer can be a life saver for your outfits. 

Portable steamers are compact, travel easily, and you won’t need a travel adapter to use it if you’re travelling from Canada or the US. They are simply to use and quickly take the wrinkles out of clothing after travel!

If purchasing a portable steamer isn’t an option, you can also opt to hang your clothes in the bathroom while you’re showering to ease any wrinkles. Be sure to hang your clothes right away once you get settled in your room!

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5. Sunscreen and Aloe Vera

For the first few days of my wedding trip I was very aware of the amount of time I was spending in the sun, and I used one of the highest SPF sunscreens I could get my hands on. This also includes lip sunscreen

Tanlines and sunburns are common with destination weddings but you still want to try to avoid it if you can – sunburns are no fun for anyone!

Pack aloe vera too – it’s expensive if you need to buy it from the gift shop!

P.s. if you’re planning to go off-resort to do some excursions, plan to bring some reef-safe sunscreen with you.

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6. Chafing Gel AKA Chub Rub!

I’ll just say it. Get the thigh chafing powder or gel. Your thighs will thank you. I’m not one to be blessed with a thigh gap (😂) and I’ve experienced numerous irritating chafing-episodes during my lifetime.

Body glide helps keep your thighs friction-free, which believe me, will seriously improve your mood.

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7. Sewing kit (and scissors)

Sewing kits are one of those things in hotel rooms everyone looks at but never thinks they’ll need, until they need them. Same with scissors.

I distinctly remember it being 5 minutes before the ceremony trying to trim my 2-year-old niece’s flower girl dress because it was too long. I remember thinking, thankfully I thought at the last minute to throw in scissors to my luggage!

You never know when you’ll need them. Just be sure to put them in your checked luggage!

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8. Blister pads and band-aids as a part of a travel medical kit

It’s inevitable during the lead-up to your wedding you’ll be wearing different types of heels or flip flops. I don’t know about you, but I generally do not wear heels. So when you combine a resort, heels, and lots of walking, I guarantee your feet will start to hurt at some point. Make sure you get ahead of any blisters with blister pads and band-aids! 

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9. Travel jewellery case

I have been known to travel with my jewellery in a ziploc bag. Haha. Don’t do that. My necklaces have been tangled more times than I can count, and finding matching earrings is a nightmare. With a compact jewellery case, you can easily pack it into your carry-on plus everything you’re bringing with you will stay organized and neat!

These adorable jewellery cases also make great bridesmaid gifts! 

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10. Anti-frizz serum

If your hair is anything like mine, as soon as it hits the humidity it’s basically game over.

Anti-frizz serum helps tame your wild hair and makes it more manageable for styling.

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11. Digital Scale

Excess baggage fees add up, and this can quickly turn into a nightmare for destination wedding brides! I have known brides to bring up to 15 suitcases with them – this may be an extreme case, but you don’t want to get saddled with ridiculous baggage fees if you can avoid it. Be sure to check your airline policy’s weight and size restrictions prior to packing!

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Destination Wedding packing tips

  • Make sure you bring all your valuable items with you in your checked luggage. This includes items like your cash tips, rings, important wedding documents, etc. This also applies to your wedding dress!
  • Check your airline’s luggage policy before travelling. What are the suitcase dimensions for carry-on? Is there a personal bag allowance? What are the weight restrictions? What are the excess baggage fees for checked luggage? Is checked luggage included? Being prepared will help you pack smartly to avoid any added fees.
  • Check, check, and triple check. I probably repacked 4-5 times to make sure I had everything on my destination wedding packing list!

Looking for vacation and destination wedding packing lists?

If you’re looking for more inspiration as to what to pack for an all-inclusive vacation, I have you covered! You can even get your own handy printable vacation packing list, too!

Looking for destination wedding packing lists? I’ve made a packing list bundle for brides and checklists to give to your guests, too!

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